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Creating New Habits: How to make positive changes that stick

August 8th, 2018 The day you decide to make a positive change in your life is an exciting one. It’s driven by a surge of motivation. It’s the day you sign up for that 5K, or that 60-day spin challenge, or that mindfulness app or, well, that juice & salad delivery subscription (hi there!) But the real challenge comes from being able to turn a new positive change into an actual habit. Because a habit is what happens when you’ve done something so many times that it becomes second nature. It’s your go-to when you’re not really thinking. In other words, it’s your new autopilot. So how can you create new positive changes in your life that stick so long you can actually refer to them as habits? The truth is, it can be hard. Really hard, in fact. But with a few tweaks and a new mindset about how habits are formed, it doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. On the contrary, it can be quite an exhilarating success!