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Distinguish yourself with the freshest amenity in town.

Enhance your offerings. Elevate your community.

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What are Fresh Fridges exactly?

These are ultra-modern, energy-efficient machines that dispense fresh grab-and-go salads, cold-pressed juices, and bowls – any time of day – with the simple touch of a screen.

Why should I place one?

Beat everyone else to the punch...

Meet the growing demand for healthy convenience.

          • Attract & retain busy, health-conscious individuals
          • Offer an exclusive amenity your community will love
          • Enhance the communal, modern feel of your space

And the best part?

Our fridges are completely hassle-free for you.

All fridges include:

  • Freshly stocked items daily
  • Full installation (all we need is an outlet!)
  • A highly productive use of your space

Who do we typically work with?

Fresh Fridges work great in office buildings, luxury apartment complexes, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, and much more! 

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