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How Drinking More Water Can Significantly Improve Our Lives

How drinking more water can significantly improve our lives

Did you know by the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated? And oh man, this dehydration thing – it’s no joke. It really is the ultimate snake-in-the-grass when it comes to the wellbeing of your mind and body.

Dehydration causes all sorts of sneaky side effects that negatively impact the way we think and feel.

Side effects like:




A lack of concentration

Reduced physical performance

We could go on and on. Really, any time your body or mind is just - feeling off - dehydration could very well be the cause.

When are you considered “dehydrated”?

The crazy thing is, we’re not even talking about the kind of dehydration caused by wandering waterless for days through the Sahara desert (or, ya know, a Jimmy Buffett concert.) Many of these effects start creeping up after losing only 1% of your body’s water supply. Which really isn’t a lot.

To put that into perspective, a 1% loss of water in your body is typically around the time your thirst sensation gets triggered.

So right when you start to get thirsty, you’re probably already feeling the physical and mental effects of dehydration.

The benefits of drinking more water

So what’s the good news in all of this? Dehydration is actually quite easy to avoid! And the flip side of the dehydration coin is, of course, hydration. When we are hydrated, lots of wonderful things start happening!

Drinking more water can help you:

Lose weight

Improve your complexion

Boost your mood

Increase energy levels

Improve mental sharpness

And much, much more!

Get in the habit of drinking more water

In the spirit of our motto that taking small actionable steps is the best way to create sustainable healthy habits, we’re encouraging you all to make one small change to your morning routine:

Drink two glasses of water, right when you wake up each morning, for the next seven days.

Let’s all try this together! We can even name it. We’ll call it our “7-day-6-AM-hydration-challenge”. Tune into how drinking these early morning glasses of water makes your body feel. Like the results? Then keep it going

It can be hard to remember to drink water in the morning and yet it’s so important.

Why? When we wake up after a (hopefully) long night’s sleep –a lot of hours have gone by without any water consumption. So we all wake up a little dehydrated. And while the habit for many of us is to immediately grab that cup of coffee, it would actually do us all well to drink a couple glasses of water first. And then get that coffee.

Some final tips on how to consume more water

Start carrying a water bottle with you, everywhere you go

Eat more fruits and veggies – which are packed with water

Keep a water bottle by your bedside before you go to sleep

And, okay we’ll say it, (quick plug here - please forgive us): getting a week’s worth of juices delivered to your doorstep ain’t such a bad idea either.

Cheers to drinking more water this week, friends!

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