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10 Pack - Celery Juice

The hydration-station

Ingredients: Celery. Yep, just celery. What’s all the rage about celery juice? This uber-hydrating veggie has tons of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits: Antioxidizing • Anti-inflammatory • Hydrating

Our advice: If you want to get the many benefits of this super veggie (without having to chew on 6 stalks of celery a day) stash away a few of these juices to drink throughout the week.

There's been a lot of talk lately around the gut health benefits of celery juice. We've partnered up with local health gurus, Mooch & Mel, to offer celery juice detox cleanses. Their programs integrate personal training, life coaching, yoga instruction, holistic remedies, nutrition education and we are excited to assist with gut health offerings. 

If you're looking for a week's worth of fresh celery juice delivered to your doorstep, first thing Monday AM, give this a shot!

***This is a 10 pack of fresh pressed celery juice

***These juices are good for between 7-10 days as long as they are refrigerated. 

***Moving forward, this is only a one time purchase and not a subscription product


10 Pack - Celery Juice

10 Pack - Celery Juice