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Q: Is a Fresh Fridge a good fit for my office?

A: Most certainly, yes! We pride ourselves on the freshest and best in-office food offering in New England.


Q: Can I have 6AM Health food delivered to my home?

A: We do not offer home delivery, but we do place our Fresh Fridges in offices, commercial real estate, universities, transportation centers, manufacturing facilities, healthcare centers, and other businesses.


Q: How can I get a Fresh Fridge in my office/building?

A: Contact us today to request more information and chat with a member of our team!


Q: How do you know you know when to restock the fridge?

A: Our technology enables us to track all sales and stock accordingly.


Q: How big is the Fresh Fridge?

A: The Fresh Fridge is 2ft by 2ft at the base and 6.5ft tall. It is lightweight and can be placed anywhere with a standard outlet. It is the ultimate in-office fresh food and snack solution.


Q: What items do you carry in the Fresh Fridge?

 A: View our menu here. We offer a wide range of salads, grain bowls, etc. We guarantee the freshness of our product at all times.


Q: Do you offer vegetarian and vegan offers?

A: We most certainly do! We also add new items to our menu each month based on customer feedback.

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