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We are Boston born & Boston built. Our fresh food is handcrafted with local talent and never outsourced to kitchens from hundreds of miles away. We take pride in hiring locally, creating products in our local commissary kitchen and sourcing from other food entrepreneurs in the Boston ecosystem. 

Boston Born and Boston Built: 6AM Health is local and would love to deliver meals to your office
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Beverly, MA


Starting in Beverly, MA in 1996, this family-owned and operated business is focused on bringing the best in specialty coffee, cold brew and more to Boston's North Shore. We were looking to add an amazing coffee to our fridge offering, and were inspired by their mission (and their taste!)


Duxbury, MA


Certified Sports Nutritionist James Oliver set out to create a recipe for a bar that was truly healthy and fueling for the human body. James knew that the healthiest diets minimize sugar, include high quality sources of protein, and maximize clean and real foods, which is exactly what goes into Atlas Bars. But these bars aren't all work and no play, with flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Almond Chai, Atlas Bars are sure to make your taste buds happy!


Boston, MA


Pricklee Superfruit Water utilizes the prickly pear fruit to deliver antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits for those looking for a refreshingly sweet drink, without the guilt! Founded by four pharmacists, their mission is to ensure that customers don’t have to compromise between taste and health. Launched in 2018 in our home of Boston, Pricklee is becoming a local staple among Bostonians dedicated to finding balance in a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Boston, MA


Drink Simple Maple Water was founded by Jeff and Kate, two New England natives with a passion for whole foods and nutrition sports. During a trip to Quebec for the Ironman Mont-Tremblant Triathlon, they discovered the refreshing and subtly sweet taste of maple water. We began using this hydrating ingredient in our Charcoal Lemonade Juice back in 2017 and became hooked! Now, we’re proud to serve it in each of our Fresh Fridges!

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Boston, MA


Slate Milk set out to deliver a modern chocolate milk looking for a lactose free, high protein, and low sugar option to traditional dairy milk. Their founders had a love for chocolate milk - I mean, who doesn’t?! But traditional chocolate milks weren’t cutting it, so they set out to create something both delicious and nutritious unlike anything before it. We’ve become obsessed and we hope you do too!

fantini bakery.jpeg

Haverhill, MA


We’re proud to serve all of our sandwiches on the delicious bread that’s baked daily from Fantini Bakery. Originally founded in 1902 by Sabotino Fantini in Haverhill, MA with the mission of creating the highest quality artisan baked goods, the family is still committed to his vision 5 generations and over 100 years later. We are happy to be serving all of our sandwiches on their delicious bread, with a recipe that has been perfected over the course of 110 years.

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