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We want to leave the world healthier than we found it.

Which means we can’t go about making nutritious food more accessible in just any old way. We must strive to meet our goals in a way that solves problems without creating new ones.

How are we currently committing to sustainability?

Keeping things local

We buy and source ingredients locally and prepare everything by hand whenever we can. This significantly reduces vehicle emissions and our overall carbon footprint – while also helping to support the community we love.

Continuously re-evaluate our packaging

Our containers are 100% recyclable, easy to re-use, and constantly being redesigned to reduce plastic materials. But keeping products both eco-friendly and affordable remains one of our biggest challenges. We’re ever-evolving and always looking for ways to improve.


Reducing food waste

Most food waste in America happens when “farm” doesn’t quite make it to “table”. Fresh fruits & veggies are the biggest culprits. By carefully monitoring our own supplies, we hope to help reduce this kind of waste by making it easier for people to access pre-portioned fresh food.

The Fresh Fridge model

Our Fresh Fridges don’t require the same build out that most other food options do. Simply put, our operation has a smaller footprint than most other food options, like restaurants.

Our company culture

Ask anyone in the company: our culture is one of “keeping it lean”. No big fancy offices here. Just a comfortable space with a whole lotta energy. The people who gravitate here share similar values –they care about our mission, the community, and the environment.  



We’re proud of where we are but we want to do better.

Our minds are open and we’re ready to listen. Have an idea on how we can improve our sustainable practices? We always want to hear from you.

Contact us anytime!

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