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To make delicious, fresh, and nutritious food convenient, affordable and accessible to all.


Adult life, man. It has this way of making it really hard to eat healthily.

That was exactly Brad’s experience. After his first child, a new mortgage, full-time job, his second (less sleepy) child, endless yard work – he found himself doing what most of us do when we’re busy. When he got hungry, he grabbed the fastest, easiest options around him. As it turned out, the more convenient the food, the less nutritious it managed to be.

Which got Brad thinking – why isn’t healthy fast food a thing? BAM! There sparked the idea for 6AM Health.

​Because it’s true:


Nutritious food is just not that easy to access these days.  

At 6AM Health, we want to change that.

No, but we mean like really change it. You could almost say (okay, we’d definitely say) we’re trying to start a health movement here.

But not the kind that tries to push any trendy diets or required lifestyles. We just want to make it as easy as possible for people to make healthy choices.


Keeping it real & keeping it fresh.

Is there anything worse than consuming a drink branded “healthy” only to find out halfway through there’s 52 grams of added sugar? We mean - come on - at that point we’ll just have a Snickers. That’s why we ensure all of our food is actually super fresh & nutritious. Not just branded to look that way.

Oh, and we’re keeping it local.

We’re Boston-based. Yep, we’re your neighbors (the kind you like – the ones with the pool). And just like a good neighbor we want to help support the community. Which means we source locally, hire locally, and do business with local vendors whenever we can.

We’re lovers of greens (and bottles of red).

We believe greens are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. But we also believe in balance. Fuel the body with a fresh hearty salad, feed the soul with a killer cheeseboard.

Most importantly: People are the heart of our operation.

Food is what we sell. But our customers and employees are the pulse behind everything we do. We believe it’s crucial to carry a sense of gratitude for our people every day – both our customers and employees alike.

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