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30 Self Care Ideas to Relax

Taking some time off for yourself to schedule some “me time” may seem silly in the midst of everything going on right now. This is especially true for you go-getters and overachievers out there who might be saying something along the lines of, “I don't have time for that!!” I totally get it, forcing yourself to press pause when you’ve been powering through everything can seem like an easy way to lose progress. However, I think you’ll thank yourself later for taking some time to just focus on you.

Scheduling some time to just have a self-care moment is so crucial for your mental health. No matter how busy you are, you are still human. All humans need a little “me time” to just relax and recharge while doing something that brings you joy. Self-care is not a form of slacking off or avoiding responsibilities by indulging yourself in small luxuries, rather it is a way to ensure that you are giving yourself the opportunity to take a break and return to your work refreshed and ready to tackle the next project. In the long run, consistently practicing self-care can actually help you to be more productive and enables you to consistently produce at a high level. What’s more is that self-care helps combat the long-term effects of stress and ensure that you don’t fall apart right before a massive deadline.

Let’s go over what exactly self-care means. Self-care is not just scrolling through Instagram for an hour or deep-diving into a Twitter thread rabbit hole before bed. Although these things can be entertaining, they’re unfortunately not so great for your psyche and can actually be really mentally draining. Self-care is about doing things that truly make you happy and feel better both mentally and physically. It is your time to do the things that truly spark joy and so it is an opportunity to make it exactly into what you need.

Self-care is totally DIY in the sense that there is no set of rules in terms of activities, duration, consistency, or routine. It is best to be more consistent with it so that you can ensure you are giving yourself the proper care and attention enabling you to use it to your advantage in terms of being more productive and feeling mentally energized. This can be something you implement weekly, daily, or multiple times a day. The beauty of it is that you can morph it to fit your needs.

Self-care can be trying a face mask, going for a walk in nature, meditating, journaling, or even just hanging out with friends. For some people, self-care is getting up and going to crush a workout at 5AM. For others, it's trying out a new recipe that they haven’t had the opportunity to make.

If you are finding yourself struggling to make time to decompress and relax, check out the list below for some ideas of what you can do to practice a little self-care. These examples range in duration and can be utilized as often as you feel is necessary. My only tip is to be consistent!

30 Self Care Ideas for When You’re Feeling Stressed Out

  1. Try out a new hobby.

  2. Have a DIY spa evening.

  3. Bake your favorite dessert.

  4. Dance while doing chores like folding clothes.

  5. Sit outside without any distractions (no phones!).

  6. Get crafty! Try making something new and give it to someone.

  7. Cozy up with a good book .

  8. Take a walk outside.

  9. Do 15 minutes of yoga.

  10. Meditate - use the Calm app or Headspace for additional guidance!

  11. Make a playlist of your favorite songs.

  12. Organize a cluttered space.

  13. Practice self-love affirmations in the mirror.

  14. Start a garden.

  15. Take your vitamins and eat some veggies.

  16. Pick some flowers.

  17. Listen to a podcast.

  18. Paint something and don’t worry about how it looks.

  19. Pick up that instrument you haven’t played in a while.

  20. Give yourself a mani-pedi.

  21. Call an old friend or family member.

  22. Journal your thoughts and feelings.

  23. Light a candle and stretch for 10 minutes.

  24. Watch your favorite movie.

  25. Put on music and dance/sing along.

  26. Make some infused water with fruit and sip on it.

  27. Draw or doodle.

  28. Go for a bike ride.

  29. Play with your pup or cat (or any other furry friend!).

  30. Cook your favorite meal.

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