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Boston Partner Spotlight: Boston Brew Company

Watch out Boston, this week’s blog post is about all things coffee. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, called coffee “the favorite drink of the civilized world”? And according to INSIDER, water is the only beverage that’s more popular than coffee.

From a health standpoint, coffee has many benefits and may even help you live longer. Research shows that due to its high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients like riboflavin, magnesium, and potassium, coffee may have health benefits, including a boost to your metabolic rate and energy levels and increasing fat-burning potential.

And who does coffee better than our local Stoneham-based partner, Boston Brew Company? Will Harris founded Boston Brew Company just under four years ago with the mission “to provide access to the world’s best cold brew coffee crafted right in Boston’s backyard” This week, I spoke with Will to learn more about his business and, of course, his passion for coffee.

Here are some questions we covered:

Can you tell me about how you started Boston Brew Co? What was the idea behind the company?

Before his Boston Brew Co vision, Will worked at a wine and liquor distributor, selling products all over MA for four years. He then went on to work for a startup. Here, Will saw a niche of good coffee, and more importantly, a lack of it here in MA. Will noted that this was especially true for cold brew: “No one was taking a passion approach to making good cold brew.” Will went on to tell me:

“At the end of the day, I am a cold brew company, and I love good cold brew. Hot coffee is a thing of the past.”

Related: How did you decide coffee was going to be “your thing”?

Will loves coffee. Well, obviously. But when exactly did he decide to take over the reins of coffee-making himself? Will told me he got to the point where the coffee he was drinking at work was so bad that he decided he would just make his own. And so he did. He started formulating and executing different recipes, switching out other variables until he achieved a smooth cold brew. The formula remains the same to this day, and customers go CRAZY for it!

From where do you source your coffee beans?

Will swears by high-altitude Columbian beans, and he confirmed these beans’ power through gathering customer feedback at farmer’s markets. He had a solid summer of regulars who would try different beans every week. When asked how they liked the coffee compared to the previous week, customers would keep pointing to the high-altitude Columbian beans. Jackpot.

Where do you typically sell your coffee?

Will started off selling his coffee at farmer’s markets. After a year, he moved into office spaces, installing kegerators in the office. The company has grown organically through word of mouth and people loving the service. Will told me: “We spent a total of $300 on marketing and have seen insane results from people sharing how much they love our brew. We have a strong following within the Lifescience & Invest community in Boston. It’s really humbling to know we are directly powering some of Boston’s greatest accomplishments in the community.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent office closures, Will shifted his business model to include home deliveries. During our call, Will realized that this past week was Boston Brew’s one-year anniversary of selling its coffee in bottles. Upon this realization, Will jokingly told me: “I have to find something to pop. Where is my coffee?”

What is one thing about Boston Brew that most people don’t know from just looking at your website?

Will’s story here is pretty cool: “You go to our website and don’t realize it is just three people in Stoneham cranking out as much coffee as they can. In a short time, we have had crazy experiences! Even serving coffee to a professional race car pit crew!”

It became clear to me from my conversation with Will that he has the whole coffee business figured out. “My coffee is just the way that it is supposed to be,” Will told me. He went on to emphasize his love for black coffee, as he drinks Boston Brew without any additives: “Putting cream in your coffee is like putting ice cubes in your wine.” Noted.

Have you guys tried Boston Brew yet? I know that I couldn’t wait to get my order in! If you are looking to give it a try, you can either order Cold Brew Home Delivery or look for a 6AM Health Fresh Fridge near you!

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