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Boston Partner Spotlight: Over Easy Breakfast Bar

Over Easy is one of our favorite local businesses helping to make breakfast easy. According to their website, “Over Easy breakfast bars are made with 100% organic oats & protein-rich cage-free egg whites. Homemade recipes for perfect texture and taste.” What more could we ask for in a breakfast bar? What’s more, Over Easy bars come in three heavenly flavors: peanut butter, banana nut, and apple cinnamon, all with at least 9 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber.

Who is the mastermind behind this breakfast bar? Kyle Maggard, Founder and CEO of Over Easy, is just as impressive himself as the bar he has formulated. A quick snapshot of Kyle’s path: he grew up as a hockey player, played four years of hockey at West Point, went right into the military, worked on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs, and received his MBA from Harvard. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, he is also a husband and father. For this week’s Boston Partner Spotlight, 6AM Health reached out to Kyle to find out more about how Over Easy came to be.

Can you tell me a little more about how you came up with the idea of the Over Easy breakfast bar? How did you bring this idea to life?

Kyle starts by saying: "I'm a big believer that your morning really sets the tone for the rest of your day." Have a good morning, you’re probably going to have a good day. I feel this way about breakfast, too. If you choose to eat healthy in the morning, it’s easier to do so the rest of the day.”

Why is it so hard to start our days off right when it comes to healthy eating? Kyle points out two reasons: the morning time crunch and the tendency for traditional breakfast food to be unhealthy (think Pop-Tart, Toaster Strudel, Frosted Flakes, etc.) As a former West Point cadet, college athlete, Army officer, investment banker, and now busy husband, father, and entrepreneur, Kyle knows first hand how hectic life can get, especially in the morning.

Kyle decided to start a breakfast company committed to healthy, easy, and great tasting food in light of these obstacles. According to Kyle: “I spent more than nine months working on the recipes in my kitchen in Boston while I was studying for my MBA. I would run home from class, spend some time with my wife and son (who was an infant at the time), and then start cooking around 7 pm. Some days I wouldn’t stop until 7 am when it was time to get ready for class again. I went through thousands of iterations of recipes, and frankly, it was exhausting. But now we have the most delicious bar on the market - so it was more than worth it.”

What types of people should be eating Over Easy breakfast bars?

Kyle made the Over Easy bars for anyone who wants an easy, healthy, and delicious start to their day, whether athletes, professionals, families, young, or old.

If you haven’t tried Over Easy bars yet, there is no time like the present!

What is one thing you want everyone to know about Over Easy breakfast bars?

“I like to tell people that you could make our bars at home if you really wanted to, but it’s a lot easier to just let Over Easy handle breakfast.” Instead of artificial sweeteners, Over Easy uses honey; instead of fake flavors, they use fruit, nuts, and nut butter, and instead of protein powder, they use cage-free egg whites. Delicious, if we do say so ourselves!

What is your favorite flavor right now?

Kyle is currently on an Apple Cinnamon kick. He also let us in on a little secret: Over Easy has some exciting flavors coming out soon that may win a lot of hearts and taste buds!


Over Easy’s commitment to getting easy, healthy, and delicious food in the hands of just about anyone aligns perfectly with what we at 6AM health have wanted all along: to make delicious, fresh, and nutritious food convenient, affordable, and accessible to all. Are you interested in giving one of these bars a try? Check out our fresh vending machines throughout Boston and New England, or inquire about getting one in your office!

Now, we must ask: what is your favorite Over Easy flavor?

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