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Eat, Drink, & Be Healthy(ish) Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday and snacking go together like Bill Belichick and sleeveless outerwear. While one can certainly exist without the other – it’s just not quite the same.

So while we’re huge fans of healthy eating….

We’re, also like, huge fans of Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s not just about football. It’s the gathering of friends. The commercials. The drinks. The food.

And this year? THE PATRIOTS. (Can’t help it, we’re New Englanders.)

So if we’re being honest, the thought of carefully counting calories and substituting beers for sparkling water during our favorite Sunday of the year, the year of the Patriots, sounds like, well…kind of a drag.

Like a major helmet-catch of a drag.

But. With that said:

Super Bowl Sunday does not have to be all or nothing.

So for those of you torn between wanting to enjoy this Sunday in all its carb-y glory but also wanting to feel pretty good about yourself the next day? We say this:

Instead of healthy, aim to be healthy-ish.

How? (So glad you asked!) Check it out:

5 tips on how to eat, drink, and be healthy-ish this Sunday

Stay hydrated. Ever hear of the 1-to-1 trick? It’s simple and super effective. Just drink a glass of water every time you finish a beer or cocktail or whatever your drink of choice is that day. The best part is this: we’re not even saying to cut back (but, ya know, drink responsibly and all that)…just keep yourself hydrated. You’ll thank us – and yourself – on Monday.

Bring a tasty, healthy app to lean on. Guacamole or red pepper bean dip with pita chips are always good choices. But if you want to switch it up? We’ve got your back! In honor of the Super Bowl, we’re delivering everything early this week, from 3-6PM on Sunday. And? We made our buffalo chicken bowls buy one get one free (with discount code: GOPATS19). So snag a bunch, toss ’em in a serving bowl, heat it all up, and voila! You’ve got the perfect app that checks all the boxes: healthy yet tasty, easy to prepare, and easy to share.

Make the veggie platter your acquaintance. Not your BFF. Just an acquaintance. As in, say hi every so often by keeping a plate of veggies within reach. Because when you’re watching Brady throw on 3rd and 10 for the third time in a row in the last 30 seconds of the game, you’re probably just looking for something crunchy to nervously chew on. Anything crunchy. Trust us, you won’t notice it’s not a handful of Doritos.

Be strategic about where you sit. Make yourself a plate and get back to your seat. In other words, don’t hover around the food table. If there’s food everywhere? Strategically place yourself far away from the higher calorie items. Or choose one of the kind-of-hard-to-reach-the-food seats. The beauty of this is: if food is harder to reach, studies show you’ll eat fewer calories without even thinking about it.

Don’t start the game starving. We love to talk portion control during special, food-heavy occasions as a way to enjoy life without feeling weighed down the next day. And one of our favorite portion control tips is to avoid going to a gathering hungry. Eat a healthy, protein-rich meal at least a couple hours before heading out. We’re not saying to stuff your face right before walking out the door so you’re not hungry at all. Just don’t walk out that door starving. Because that’s when we start eating things we don’t even really like.

Want a little more inspiration on ways to eat the good stuff without the side of guilt? Check out our 7 Portion Control Tips here.

Now go out, have fun, and stay healthy-ish this weekend everyone! (GO PATS.)

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