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Fall: 6AM Health Edition

Big news for those in (and around) New England: September 22nd marked the first day of Fall! And yes, if you must ask, we are so excited! While the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed many of our lives in entirely unexpected ways, I am here to spread the good news that Fall is not canceled! I can promise you that.

For us in Boston, Fall means glorious foliage, haunted hayrides, apple picking, everything pumpkin (I do, indeed, mean everything), and so much more. But for what is 6AM Health most excited? The food, of course! In this blog post, some 6AM Health team members share their favorite healthy ~Fall~ recipes, along with their idea of the perfect socially-distant Fall activity.

TEAM MEMBER: Brad Callow, Founder & CEO

FAVORITE FALL ACTIVITY: Apple picking with the family at one of the many local apple orchards in the area. Fresh air and walking outside help burn off the one apple cider donut that I always eat!

RECIPE: Turkey Chili

TEAM MEMBER: Bobby Lovitch, Account Manager

FAVORITE FALL ACTIVITY: I love running in Middlesex Fells!

RECIPE: Bobby’s Ultimate Supreme Fall Bowl (aka Ground Turkey Farro Bowl): Farro, Ground Turkey, Lentils, Spinach, Avocado, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese + Garlic Italian Seasoning

TEAM MEMBER: Susie von Rosenvinge, Human Resource Manager

FAVORITE FALL ACTIVITY: Running or jogging outside, as I find great truth in the old saying, “running is the best therapy.” The other thing I absolutely love to do is take our Golden Retriever, Sunny, out in the woods for long walks. Groton is known for acres of beautiful trails, and since quarantine began in March, we’ve had plenty of time to explore many different trails right outside our door!

RECIPE: Harvest Butternut Squash Farro Salad – I don’t put the maple syrup in and substitute a good aged balsamic in its place!

TEAM MEMBER: Emily Najemy, Business Development Intern

FAVORITE FALL ACTIVITY: My go-to is walking around the Boston College reservoir on online class breaks, especially as the trees start to change colors! Walks have been proven to burn calories, strengthen the heart, lower blood sugar, and improve mood. Learn more about the health benefits of walking here.

What have you been up to in the first month of Fall? Let us know how you are staying active, and your favorite Fall foods!

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