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Office Snacks Under 200 Calories

As February comes to an end and the weather begins to feel a bit more like springtime, I know what’s likely on everyone’s minds… Summer! In New England you can’t help but want to ditch the winter coat and boots the second it hits 45 degrees outside. Suddenly stores are filled with their Spring collections and with that comes the swimsuits as well.

I personally can’t wait to ditch the heavy sweaters and jeans for my shorts and sandals, but like everyone during this time of year, I’ve been getting reeeaaal comfy with “comfort foods.” I mean, come on… As much as we try to stick to our New Year’s Resolutions for fitness; between Christmas, the SuperBowl, and Valentine’s Day it’s like every other week there’s an event that involves food. And who could resist?

When it’s 22 degrees out, a crisp salad doesn’t necessarily sound as appetizing as some cheesy chicken alfredo… All you want is something warm and delicious to keep you powering through the bitter cold.

But now that Spring is nearly here and Summer is just around the corner; vacations are being planned, beach days are on the horizon, and all the high-calorie events are behind us. As we head into the Spring and Summer months, we all want to feel good in our new clothes, swimsuits, etc. but a lot of posts online only talk about diets and calorie counting.

I personally am not one to diet or fall into “superfood” trends, but I do want to feel healthy and fit as Summer approaches. I’ve been looking out for different snacks that are lower in calories and high in nutritional value to keep me full and fueled throughout the day- in an attempt to avoid the easy comfort foods that seem to be all too easy to come by during the winter months.

So, I’ve compiled this list of some of my favorite snacks to munch on in the office that are both low-calorie and delicious. All of these items are available in our Fresh Fridges, so if anything in particular piques your interest, be sure to stop by and try it out!

Peeled Snacks: Organic Gently Dried fruit

A lot of dried fruit brands add artificial flavors, preservatives, and sugar to their dried fruit which is unfortunate because they taste so good! Thankfully, we’ve found Peeled Snacks and at 110 calories with 0 added sugar, they’re the perfect go-to mid-day sweets craving. I personally love Mango but they come in a variety of flavors!

Love Corn: Roasted Corn Snack

Love Corn has become an increasingly popular alternative to other snacks like chips. The Smoked BBQ flavor is my personal favorite and, in addition to being delicious, they have 3 grams of fiber, 0 sugar, and are just 190 calories!

Krave Gourmet Beef Cuts

Krave Beef Jerky is all natural, low fat, gluten-free, had 80 calories per serving, and a whopping 9 grams of protein! They pride themselves on using strictly high-quality ingredients and utilizing a proprietary process that produces a signature tender meat texture and flavor. They’re a great pre or post workout snack option!

Sea-Point Farms Sea Salt Edamame

These soy-based snacks are heart healthy, just 200 calories, have 20 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fiber! These are seriously nutritious and definitely delicious, so what more could we ask for?

Kind Bars

I know we’ve talked about Kind Bars before, but they’re just too good to not bring them up again! They’re just 200 calories, have 8 grams of protein, and 3g of fiber in every bar. Oh and with flavors like Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Caramel Almond Sea Salt, you don’t need to tell me twice!

Dark Chocolate Slate Milk

Who says chocolate milk is for kids?! The founders of Slate Milk bonded on their love of chocolate milk as well as their lactose intolerance, and pretty soon Slate Milk was born. And I’m so grateful it exists! At just 120 calories, with 17 grams of protein, and it being lactose free, it truly has something for everyone! It’s a great breakfast option or you can substitute it for your protein shake!

Slate Milk is coming soon to a Fresh Fridge near you!

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