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The Thursday Three: Boston Brands We Love (Hidden Gems Edition)

Did everyone treat their sweet tooth to a healthy chocolate milk, ease those aches and pains with some CBD, and crank up that energy at the gym with their new all-natural sports shot?

(Don’t know what we’re jabbering about? Check out last Thursday’s edition of “Three Boston Brands We Love: The Rising Star Edition”.)

Alrighty, all caught up? Ready for round 2?

This week we’re taking a peek into the world of a few local hidden gems. Well, 3 of 'em to be exact.

Let’s get to it.

3 Boston Brands We Love (The Hidden Gems Edition)

1. Off Our Rocker Cookies – Dorchester, MA

Let’s start by saying this: these ladies are pretty cool. In a wacky, witty, fabulous kind of way.

Terri and Nancy started this business together at the age of – well – somewhere between 50 and whenever-you-think-one-might-start-sitting-it-out-in-her-rocking-chair. Hence, the name, "Off Our Rocker Cookies". 

The self-proclaimed “Seniorpreneurs” are humble in their narrative, describing their first culinary experiences with an Easy Bake Oven and slice-and-bake cookies.

In their own words:

"The Co-Rockers have no culinary awards on their walls...they were, however, recently awarded the Decent Mother Seal of Approval after 25 years of cooking and cleaning."

But take one bite out of these plant-based cookies (made in small batches and baked with love, of course) and you’ll see that their self-deprecating humor is really only that – humor. As in, their cookies are off the charts delicious. And surprisingly healthy depending on the kind you choose, as they are all plant-based with options like vegan and sweet potato cookies. 

As the Co-Rockers say, these cookies are "baked with soul, wrapped with love, and packaged with humor". What's not to love about that? 

Order some of these delicious, soul-baked cookies online here.

2. Just Hummus – Boston, MA

You know what we dig about these guys? They love hummus. No. But like, seriously. They LOVE it.

They're chickpea fanatics. 

They literally traveled to Israel and spent an entire year scouring every hummus shop to find the tastiest hummus in the world. And then dedicated hundreds of hours perfecting their process and researching the best ingredients in order to replicate their absolute favorites. 

The result? Seasonally inspired, all-natural hummus made with handpicked chickpeas soaked for over 20 hours and blended with locally sourced vegetables.

Sign. Us. Up.  

Their obsession with hummus runs so deep that it inspired the name: JUST HUMMUS. 

"All of our focus and attention is on our salsas, cheese dips or fruit drinks here...JUST HUMMUS."

And that sole focus really pays off. As this is some of...if not THE...freshest, tastiest hummus on the market today. Light, fluffy, and full of flavor.

Oh, and one more thing...

When asked about his love for the product, the founder was once quoted, saying, "I just think it's great. I go to sleep and dream about it every night."

Joking or not, doesn't matter to us. This company's passion for hummus is undeniable. And it's absolutely our favorite part about this local hidden gem. 

Where can you find this delightful hummus? Check out the breweries, juice bars, and retail locations serving it up here

3. 88 Acres – Allston, MA

Okay, so you know how the crew at Just Hummus loves their chickpeas? Well, this place loves their seeds.

In fact, we've never learned so much about the value of seeds until stumbling upon 88 Acres' website. And honestly, with everything they have to say - it kinda makes us love them too. 

So what did we learn? Seeds are: 

"Packed with complete protein, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals...more sustainable to grow than nuts and free of the most common food allergens."

So what kind of food does 88 Acres sell? Well, seed products of course.

Seed butters. "Seed-nola". Seed bars. (Check out their full shop here.)

All packed with clean protein, a spectrum of body-boosting minerals and antioxidants, and healthy fats. And completely free of the 8 most common food allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, and soy. 

And just when we thought we couldn't like them more, we came across this little motto:

"Because delicious food doesn't have to be at odds with nutrition or safety."

Oh 88 Acres, how we could not agree more! 


So there you have it. Three of our favorite local hidden gems. Want to learn more? Check out their websites here:

And stay tuned next week for our 3rd installment of The Thursday Three: Boston Brands We Love (the National Brand Edition!)

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