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The Thursday Three: Boston Brands We Love (The Grab Bag Edition)

Are you ready for it?? The final installment of “The Thursday Three: Boston Brands We Love” series??

Not only will we be unveiling three more of our favorite brands – but we’ve also got some news to share.

Over the next few weeks, we will be stocking our Fresh Fridges with a few of the Boston brands we called out in this series. Stop by a fridge today to see which ones we've added! (Or keep reading for a few clues here.)

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The Thursday Three: Boston Brands We Love

All right. Here we go. Onto the final installment!

Boston Brands We Love (The Grab Bag Edition)

1. Atomic Coffee Roasters – Beverly, MA

Is there anything better than a fresh cold brew pick-me-up? How about one made by a family whose specialty coffee is so fresh and so delicious, it's practically gained a cult-like following in the Boston area? 

That's Atomic Coffee Roasters for ya.

It all started with the Mahoney brothers, Andrew and John.

And Andrew's dream.

But not like a "follow your dreams" kinda dream. More like, an "I was sleeping and had a dream"...kinda dream.  

Shortly after the-big-sleepy-vision, in 1996, the Mahoney family opened their very first coffee shop on Cabot street in Beverly, MA. Where their flagship store still resides today (albeit directly across the street from the original). 

Beverly, MA location

Atomic Coffee has grown quite a bit since the opening of their little cafe in Beverly. Over the last 23 years, they went from operating just one coffee shop, to roasting all of their own coffee in Salem, to building a cold & nitro brew facility in Danvers, to growing a wholesale operation. 

And now you can even enjoy Atomic Coffee anytime, anywhere as they've begun bottling up all of their cold brew flavors for you to enjoy on the go. 

But you know our very favorite part about A.C.R.? 

Somehow, even after amassing quite a following and much success, the attitude at Atomic Coffee Roasters remains the same:

"One thing that hasn’t changed is our passion for coffee. We roast, grind, and cold-brew all Atomic products ourselves."

It's this kind of passion and dedication that makes all the difference in the quality of a product. By staying wholeheartedly involved in every aspect of the coffee-making process, the crew at Atomic Coffee is able to control the quality of every last cup or can of coffee they sell. And it shows. 

Grab some of their ground coffee for sale online here or (surprise!) grab a fresh cold brew can from one of our 6AM Health Fresh Fridges! 

 2. KEEL Vodka – Rhode Island

Okay, so we cheated a little with this one. For this brand, we're squeaking just a bit outside of Boston and into Rhode Island. But we're hoping you'll forgive us as they are New Englanders and we have a particular fondness for them.

Actually, one of their partners, Matt Light, is a New Englander in the coolest sense of the word – as in, he's a former New England Patriot. So perhaps you can doubly forgive us?

Founders Bill and Tom with KEEL Partner, Matt

All right, onto the vodka.

Who is it for? 

This vodka is for anyone who has ever wondered why they don't put nutrition labels on alcoholic beverages. Or anyone who loves their martinis, but always ends up choosing light beer instead. Basically, anyone who wants to indulge...but not overindulge

At KEEL, they believe you should "know what you're drinking".

In fact, KEEL Vodka is the first alcoholic beverage ever to feature an easy-to-read nutrition label on the back of each bottle. And it took founders Bill and Tom over two years to obtain this approval from the government. But keeping that transparency was that important to them. So they fought for it. 

What exactly will you find on the nutritional label?

58 Calories per serving Zero Carbs Zero sugars  23.8% ALC/VOL  Gluten-free

We love that KEEL vodka is all about staying balanced. Being transparent in their nutritional information. Being lighter, and, well...less hangover-y.

"Keeping an even keel" as they say. 

Oh, and one more thing we love about these guys? They work with tons of charitable organizations. In their own words, "...because at the end of the day KEEL is more than just selling vodka. It's about improving the lives of everyone we come into contact with." 

YES. Thank you KEEL! 

3. Nussli 118 – Cambridge, MA

What's our favorite part about this plant-based food company, you ask? Well, other than the taste of their products, it's gotta be their motto:

"Eat what's best for your body and love every bite." 

Like many of the brands on our Boston Favorites List, Nussli 118 is about simple, all-natural ingredients. 

The twist with these guys? Everything they make is plant-based. This small team of food enthusiasts uses ingredients like organic raw sprouted nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables in all of their products. And they've perfected the art of making everything positively delicious

Nussli 118's mission is to make it easier and more enjoyable to get your fruits and veggies in (hey, that sounds familiar!)

How do they do that? By offering a wide variety of healthy snacks, drinks, meals, and desserts filled to the brim with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and easily digestible protein. 

Wondering where you can find their products? Check out their cozy storefront on Mass Ave in Cambridge or purchase any of their items online here. (P.S. have we mentioned they have the best little gift sets that would make a perfect present for a health-conscious friend?) 

Check 'em out and you'll realize:

Getting your fruits and veggies in never tasted so good! 


Want to learn more about this week's Thursday three? Check out their websites here: 

And just like the summer of 2019 - that's a wrap folks! But no need to stop there. Have a Boston brand in mind that you absolutely love?

We want to hear about it as we're always keeping an eye out for brands to add to our fridges that align with our culture and values. 

Contact us anytime via Instagram, Facebook, or email

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