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What does your morning coffee order say about you?

A list of America’s most popular office coffee orders and what each one says about your personality in the workplace.

My morning routine before work starts the same way each day: wake up, get dressed, brush my teeth, and the most crucial step - drink my coffee. It's no surprise to see why the majority of working Americans start their day with a good old cup of joe. Its energy and productivity boosting abilities, numerous health benefits, and delicious taste make it almost too easy to see why office coffee is so popular. And the best part is, there are countless different ways to enjoy this magical beverage, so whatever you like, your needs will be fulfilled by a cup.

From a plain black coffee to a frappuccino, here’s what your morning cup says about who you are at work.


Simple and reliable; just like black coffee, you know what you like and you stick to it. Black coffee drinkers are straightforward, and complete their tasks from start to finish, no questions asked.

Pumpkin spice latte

Everybody has heard of a pumpkin spice latte. The seasonal item that can be found on just about any menu is exactly like its consumers. As a natural trendsetter, people feel confident when following in your footsteps. You are a leader who does a great job at making your opinions heard.

Espresso shot

There is really only one word to describe those who choose a shot (or two) of espresso before a day of work, and that is efficient. Espresso drinkers don’t need things sugar-coated; give them the task and they will do it fast and they will do it well.


Latte drinkers are thorough. Like this cup of milky goodness, you are not afraid to put in the extra effort to go above and beyond. Not only are you determined to do things the correct way, but you also pay attention to detail, recognizing that things shouldn’t just function well, they should look good, too. (Extra points for those who get latte art on top!)


If your go-to coffee order is a frappuccino, your boss can count on you to think outside the box. Both creative and not afraid to let their inner-child show, frappuccino drinkers keep the work environment fun and full of great ideas.


No different than the beverage itself, mocha drinkers bring a little extra sweetness into everything they do. They are extroverted and make sure everyone is contributing to the project at hand. Similarly to a frappe lover, mocha drinkers bring a positive energy to the workforce.


If you are a decaf drinker, you are organized and collected. You drink your coffee for the taste, not the effects and similarly, you tackle one task at a time. You don’t become overwhelmed by larger goals and projects because you prioritize the process.

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