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Coffee Bar Essentials

Everything you need to create your luxury coffee bar at home

Everyone loves coffee! But the price of a cold brew from Starbucks each morning, not so much. Instead of adding an extra 15 minutes to your morning commute, we have compiled a list of everything you need to create your own luxury coffee bar at home.

Coffee maker

First up is a coffee maker. Now coffee makers can range anywhere from $20 to over $1,000, so there is something for every function and every price point. Popular brands include Keurig, Bonavida, Chemex, Nespresso, and more!


Everyone enjoys their coffee differently. People enjoy different roasts and different types of beans. Additionally, the type of coffee maker you get will influence what coffee you buy (grounds, beans, pods), so make sure you choose which kind of coffee works best for you.


What you put your coffee in is arguably the most important part of your morning cup. Not only do they hold your beverage (duh!), they also say a lot about your personality. Having mugs that reflect who you are makes the entire experience that much better! Make sure to also have cups for your iced coffee drinkers as well as options for on-the-go drinking.


This one is self explanatory. However, you can also spice up your coffee bar accessories by adding things like milk frothers, cute straws and more. The sky is the limit here, so go crazy!


Even if you don't like syrup in your coffee, others certainly do! Plus, its a great way to make your bar look even more fabulous. You can start basic with vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut or you can go all out and add fun ones like peppermint, chocolate, and more.


Having a variety of milks and creams to put in your coffee is also important. From cream and whole milk, to 2%, to skim, make sure all of your dairy drinkers are covered. And for those who don't have dairy, make sure to have options for them too: almond, oat, soy, and more.

Making an at-home coffee bar really isn't so hard when you have all of the basics. Once you have those, you can make yours as extravagant as you would like! And for offices looking to create a coffee bar like this for their employees, we have you covered. Contact us and we will give you everything you need to have the coffee bar of your dreams.

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