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How to choose the perfect coffee maker

All the information you need to find the best coffee maker for you!

For some, going to Starbucks or your local cafe is the best way to start your day. But for many others, using a coffee maker at home is the safer bet. While coffee makers can be time and cost efficient, it is important to get the one best suited for your needs, so here is everything you need to know in order to obtain your perfect match.

Automatic Machines

Automatic coffee makers are perfect for coffee lovers who can't seem to fit a cup into their morning routine. Most of these machines come with multiple different settings to brew different types of coffee so all you have to do is add the grounds and water, and voila! Automatic coffee makers tend to be more pricey due and can vary depending on which and how many features the machine has.

Single Cup Machines

For those of you who work a 9-5 and live alone, a single cup coffee maker will be your best friend. All you have to do is pop a pod into the machine and let it work it's magic! These machines vary in price as well, however the baseline models are pretty affordable, accommodating most budgets.

French Press

Equipped with a mesh filter, french presses create very flavorful coffee. A french press is perfect for someone who enjoys the process of creating their very own cup. These coffee makers do take more time and effort than your automatic and single cup makers, so they are not for those who are rushing out the door first thing.

Pour-over Makers

Pour-over coffee makers is the old-fashioned way to make coffee and it is created exactly how it sounds; you pour water over a filter or strainer that holds coffee grounds. Depending on which type of filter you use, the variety of coffee flavors will change. These are also very affordable and not super time consuming.


These coffee makers can be electric or gas powered and work by putting water in the bottom and grounds at the top. When heated, the water rises up through a narrow stem and back down over the grounds. This type of machine is very easy to use and there are many different options depending on budget and occasion.

Each type of coffee maker provides a unique experience for its user, so it is really up to the individual's preferences and lifestyle when purchasing one. And if your office is looking to provide coffee for your employees, we are more than happy to help! Visit our website for more information.

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