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Must-have office essentials

Everything you need to get you through your day at the office.

If you are anything like me, you can’t get through the day without proper food. I’m not just talking about a PB&J from home or a pack of pretzels; I mean healthy, fun meals, delicious and energizing snacks, and lots and lots of coffee.


I, along with the majority of the population, cannot function properly without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. For this reason, it is crucial to have your office stocked up with your favorite cold brew and cups to enjoy throughout the day. And if you are an office looking to provide coffee for your hard-working employees, we have you covered!

Healthy Meals

Whether it is due to lack of time or access to healthy foods, it can be super easy to eat poorly at work. It is really important to ensure you are getting in all the nutrients you need to power through the day, which is why you should try bringing healthy lunch options to work. Thankfully, healthy options come in various different shapes and sizes: you can have sandwiches, salads, wraps, and even mix it up with more creative lunches. Oh, and our fresh fridges have you covered once again! We are stocked with a huge variety of all of the healthy options you need.


Just as important as the main course are snacks. I like to have a few different kinds readily available throughout the day because I do better work when I'm snacking. Some good healthy (and delicious) options include nuts, fruits and veggies, protein bars, jerky, dark chocolate, and many more. Its super easy to get creative here and try fun combinations and flavors.

Delicious food makes the day more fun. When that food is good for your brain and your body, it's just that much better. If you don't have time to make food on your own, 6AM Health will do it for you! Our fresh fridges and office coffee are available, and carry everything you could possibly ask for. Visit our website for more information, and happy snacking!

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